Our children’s spaces

At Puddle Jumpers we have put a lot of thought into the design of our environment.

Resources are at the child’s height so they can direct their own play experiences, the walls and furniture are a blend of neutral colours to create a sense of calm, displays are clutter free and visually enticing encouraging everyone to celebrate the wonderful opportunities and experiences that are available at Puddle Jumpers.

The resources available to each group are age appropriate, however we value the benefits of risk and challenge so use every opportunity to develop the children’s awareness, independence and ability to self-care.

Our rooms have quiet and calm spaces so that children can rest when needed and the zones we create for exploration of messy materials are carefully placed away from where children may prefer to engage in quieter play.

We review our environments regularly to ensure they are appropriate for the children who use them, when we feel children have outgrown the learning in their room we arrange the transition to the next room with you.

Whilst routines are similar in each group the intended learning opportunities will vary;

The routine for babies is predominantly care based with opportunities for sensory and exploration play. 

The toddler group enjoy being active and thrive from messy exploration.

The preschool group enjoy making links in their learning to the experiences they have at home and outside the nursery with their families and friends. They enjoy investigating and creating, engaging with their friends and stretching their imaginations to initiate their own play. The key workers will weave maths and literacy into the children’s play, carefully looking for every opportunity to prepare the children for formal education. 

When it is time for your child to move to the next room we will arrange for them to spend time with their new key person and peers within the new room. This will be done gradually starting with a short spell and building up over several sessions. This enables the child to comfortably prepare for new routines including meal times, daily trips, story time, cooking, music, etc.

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