Introduction to Yoga and Mindfulness at Puddle Jumpers

At Puddle Jumpers we use Yoga as part of our daily routine. Not only does this promote physical wellbeing but also works as a time for children to listen to their bodies, develop their concentration and build a positive self-image too. 


Yoga is used to relax the body and mind but also works well as an energiser to promote focus for the children who are starting to feel tired towards the end of the day.


We use a phonic yoga programme to introduce children to the sound and shape of phonics, this works as a great way to introduce children to literacy in a fun an memorable way.


Watch this space! We will be introducing mindfulness into our curriculum at the start of each session. The principles will reinforce kindness towards others and help the children identify with their own emotions. Many children come into nursery carrying the weight of the morning that they have experienced and practicing mindfulness is a way to identify with these emotions in a way that prepares them to move forward with the day in a positive way.  A skill that will be useful for life.

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